Digital Health 101

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Digital health is revolutionising health and care and this course is your ticket to the future. AIDH is the peak body for digital health in Australia. This introductory course will equip you with the knowledge to thrive in the digital health era.
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Course overview

Digital Health 101 has been designed to teach you the fundamentals of digital health. Built by subject matter experts, this course includes cutting edge content that keeps you at the forefront of the digital revolution in health and care. You will learn about:
  • The global trends influencing healthcare.
  • The changing nature of how healthcare is delivered. 
  • How digital health enables all future change in healthcare. 
  • Technologies, innovations, and advancements within digital health (artificial intelligence, virtual care, remote monitoring, personalised care, and many more).
  • How health and wellness are merging in a digitally enabled environment.

"Great experience! I found the content to be 'bite-sized' and easy to consume. For the first time, I understand the 'buzzwords' in digital health and healthcare and the future we are all working towards."


What's Included

Digital Health 101 is tailored to meet the needs of people working in healthcare or those aspiring to enter this dynamic sector.

Whether you're a clinical professional, technologist, marketing and sales guru, administrative mastermind, or finance expert, this course is your secret weapon for success!

Learning made simple

Digital Health 101 is designed with simplicity in mind. We take a complex industry with constant change and make it easy to understand.


We cover the basics. What is digital health and why is it important? What are the latest trends? How are health services and roles changing? 

Seven modules

The topics on everyone's mind. See how artificial intelligence, virtual care, personalised care and many more are changing the way we do health.

Video learning

Learn from digital health experts and our member network. 30+ videos featuring industry experts.

Optional resources

Want to go beyond the course? We have curated 100+ additional resources to take your learning further.

Value for money

We value practical education that is accessible for all and are committed to providing value for money.